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Learn more about Her Flowerss’ Chinese New Year Flowers Singaporeorchids

Buy lush and lucky Chinese New Year Flowers Singapore from Her Flowers and get free same-day delivery to any Singapore location, from Central to Jurong East or Tampines.

Chinese New Year Flowers in Singapore are meant to attract luck and blessings as we celebrate CNY, Spring Festival or Lunar New Year. During Chinese New Year, flower shops and florists in Singapore display beautiful and lavish flower arrangements and bouquets, CNY hampers and gift boxes of all shapes and sizes. Orchids are especially popular among Chinese New Year Flowers Singapore, not only because an orchid (i.e. the Vanda 'Miss Joaquim' or the Princess Aloha orchid) is the National Flower of Singapore, but also because orchids symbolise fertility, prosperity and abundance. The delicate and elegant appearance of orchids make them ideal choices for Chinese New Year Flowers. Aside from that, orchids are resilient flowers that can bloom year-round even in a hot and tropical country like Singapore. For its beauty and hardy characteristics, orchids are always welcome as Chinese New Year Flowers and CNY gift bouquets.

The peony is another customary bloom given as Chinese New Year Flowers. Peonies are associated with concepts of femininity, purity and charm. In particular, the red peonies are bestsellers during Chinese New Year because they are considered auspicious Chinese New Year Flowers Singapore. Likewise, chrysanthemum with their golden petals represent longevity and prosperity, so you’ll see an abundance of chrysanthemums in a Chinese New Year Bouquet. As for plants, the Lucky bamboo is a CNY gift staple. Depending on the number of stalks, lucky bamboos can symbolise love, wealth, health or happiness. Fresh fruit baskets are also appropriate as Chinese New Year gifts, especially round fruits like tangerines to attract wealth into the household.

As a 24Hr online florist, Her Flowers Chinese New Year Bouquet are filled with lucky flowers and auspicious blooms to start the Lunar New Year on the right track. We have peonies, orchids, pussy willows and lilies handcrafted by our florists into attractive flower arrangements you can display during CNY festivities in Singapore. Chinese New Year Flowers can also serve as beautiful centrepieces on your dining table as decoration for your Spring Festival feast.

Her Flowers delivers Chinese New Year Flowers to all locations in Singapore on the day of purchase. Our team will make sure your friends, family and loved ones will receive those Chinese New Year Flowers on time and in perfect condition. The bouquets and flower arrangements in our online shop are crafted on the day of your order with blooms that have been picked fresh and sourced directly from the flower farms of Cameron Highlands. This means you can enjoy your Chinese New Year Flowers at their peak condition and for a longer period.

Her Flowers also accepts orders for bespoke bouquets and customised flower arrangements in case you want a more personalised arrangement to give to the special people in your life. Just let us know which flowers or colour you want to highlight and we’ll handle the rest! Celebrate CNY in style with Her Flowers.


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